Why natural immunity does not count in US? Where is the logic? Immune vs non-Immune | acquired immunity คือ

Why natural immunity does not count in US? Where is the logic? Immune vs non-Immune

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COVIDrecovery vaccinemandate naturalimmunity
Hi everyone! This week we will explore the topic on natural immunity with a different angle. Instead of putting people in vaccinated and unvaccinated, it should be immune and nonimmune. Let’s look at the arguments for and against giving the vaccine to recovered COVID patients.
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This video is Dr. Hong’s interpretation and summary of publicly available scientific information
This video is not intended to serve as any advice regarding the treatment, prevention, and diagnosis of any diseases
Dr. Hong has no connections and receives no monetary compensation from any pharmaceutical companies and government.
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Why natural immunity does not count in US? Where is the logic? Immune vs non-Immune

ระบบภูมิคุ้มกัน Immune system


ระบบภูมิคุ้มกัน Immune system

Acquired immunity – By Dr. Noha Saber

Acquired immunity - By Dr. Noha Saber

Adaptive Immunity – An Introduction (FL-Immuno/18)

What happens when first and second line of defense fails?
The microbial invaders still have to face the Third line of defense which is known as Adaptive immunity.
Adaptive Immunity is also known as acquired immunity, It is more effective and specialized immune response against invading microbes. Like innate immunity, we are not born with it, that is , it is acquired after birth, through contact with pathogens, during our lifetime.
In this video lecture we will study in detail the Characteristics of Adaptive Immunity:
• Specificity
• Diversity
• Memory
• Discrimination between self from nonself
We will also have a look on Types of Adaptive Immunity.

Adaptive Immunity - An Introduction (FL-Immuno/18)

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Innate \u0026 Acquired Immunity (شرح بالعربي) || Microbiology \u0026 Immunology

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