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Hitman is a series of games by IO interactive that follows the life of international master assassin, the mysterious Agent 47, as he is contracted by the I.C.A. to take out high profile (usually criminal) targets around the globe… Wait… Haven’t I said this before?

Happy new year everyone! I’m busy working on a whole bunch of big projects for the channel this year. There’s some really exciting stuff in the works! So I decided to focus January on working on some of the larger projects for Feb/March instead of making a new song. Taking this month to relax and get all the planning and pre-production done for the next couple of months has been a huge relief on my mental health and means you’ll get more new videos quicker when it’s time to start making them!

Instead I decided, in honour of Hitman 3’s release, to revisit my Hitman 2 song. I always loved this song lyrically but it’s one of many earlier songs on this channel made before I was working with a professional music producer and I always hated how it sounded. So what better time to have it remastered?

I’m so happy with how this new version sounds vs. the old one and I’m keen to give other older songs the remaster treatment. If this is something you’d like to see then let me know in the comments!

Thanks to oo oxygen for his work making this track shine!

#Hitman #Hitman3 #Agent47


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Lyrics, Vocals and Video by The Stupendium
Instrumental by Sinima Beats
Mixing and mastering by oo oxygen:
Hitman, Agent 47 and the trailer and gameplay footage used here are property of the wonderful IO Interactive!


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THE SECOND | 2021 REMASTER | Hitman 2 Rap
THE SECOND | 2021 REMASTER | Hitman 2 Rap

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THE SECOND | 2021 REMASTER | Hitman 2 Rap.

the second.

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  1. LYRICS:

    VERSE 1

    There's a shape in the shadows

    There’s a chill in the air

    But he won't let you get rattled

    You won't know that he’s there

    There's no way to do battle
    when you're caught unaware

    One blink and he'll be gone
    and you’ll be dead in your chair

    Or was he even there?
    Can you even prepare?

    For a reckoning a second into catching the glare

    Of a barrel when the bullets already in the air

    Or the chemicals already have your vision impaired

    As you try to place the face of that sommelier

    When you're gonna win the race
    but find the brakes aren't there

    On a knife's edge
    placed between the fumes and the flare

    That last breath
    with a glove in your hair

    He’s a master of disguise

    He's an artist with a knife.
    He will catch you by surprise

    Just a quack and you ignite

    There's no faster a demise

    Were you happy with your life?

    ‘Cause it didn't have the time

    Left to flash before your eyes


    No one ever recalls the second

    They first come across 47

    Because before you've drawn a breath in

    47’s got you on the floor, forgetting

    If you only could pause a second

    Can’t stall destiny

    halt what's meant to be

    No protection we

    all get reckoned the

    Cause of death will be 47

    VERSE 2

    You can tighten violence
    By refining the appliance of it

    Open up your eyes
    to find the sight of an appliance dropping

    Right into the bath
    without a chance to even try and stop it

    Blur behind the curtain
    and it’s curtains on your crime biopic

    The same as yesterday?

    Oh, there's a new chef today

    I'm sure he can prepare

    that very rare fish in that special way

    Also we can't find the guy

    we hired just to test your plates

    Plus all of your henchmen

    went and left to go investigate

    The sound of a coin on the ground

    And not a shred of evidence will ever be found

    Take a trip to the facilities with no-one around

    Ain't it tragic how a man can accidentally drown

    You've locked the door,
    you're in your most secure of quarters when

    It's been a little while since your security reported in

    A sudden force
    and then you'll wish you'd brought your snorkel in

    They find your body bobbing in a mortuary of porcelain


    No one ever recalls the second

    They first come across 47

    Because before you've drawn your weapon

    You're already taking that fall from heaven

    If you only could pause a second

    Can’t stall your destiny

    halt what's meant to be

    No protection we

    all get reckoned the

    Cause of death will be 47

    VERSE 3

    Most people went to bed

    and they simply never woke

    Take solace in the knowledge

    that your death will be bespoke

    Hand crafted

    All wrapped up in leather as you choke

    Every execution executed excellently so

    Any single person could be 47 lurking

    He could be working in burger king

    Strychnine in your onion rings

    Snuffing out your underlings

    ‘fore you get to wondering

    You'll be bloodied
    stuffed into a cupboard in your underthings

    It's the last creak
    as you stand beneath the chandelier

    It’s the gas leak
    when you candlelit for atmosphere

    It’s the last beat
    as your heart receives the formula

    The red streak
    when the beam hits your cornea

    The mouthfeel
    of your unintended last meal

    The weapons test

    where you forget to check the blast seals

    The sunset
    as your body's doing cartwheels

    Straight over the edge of a ledge

    Or it's the hard steel

    Scraping on your ribs

    As you shiver and expire

    It's the first red fleck
    on your impeccable attire

    It's your throat torn to shreds
    as you’re dying to respire

    As your fingernails are fighting
    against the tightening of the wire

    It's a second to forgive

    It's a second to forget.

    Every second you have lived

    For this second of regret.
    Every second is a gift

    So be careful how you spend

    ‘Cause the second that you’ve met him

    Is the second that It ends

  2. Its weird this new one is better on my speakers then my headphones and old one was better on my headphones than my speakers….anyone else get that ?

    Other then that awesome job still.

    Will you ever do a music video for a book ?

  3. Having listened to both the original and this remake, and having absolutely no musical ability beyond the usual random stuff, I managed to sum up my feelings on these two:

    Original: ominous and a very catchy I SEE A
    Remaster: decidedly higher quality

    I think both are pretty great, but the original's catchiness just sticks more for me, just like the chorus in What A Foul Day caused me to relisten to it at least 14… 15 times already, and I only came across it last night.

    derp. I was comparing THE APEX with this one, whilst this is a remaster of a different Hitman rap, which is also titled (kinda obviously), THE SECOND.
    Comparing the (actual) original this is a remaster of, does make it pretty clear for me: the remaster is decidedly superior by a long mile down, lured by a coin on the ground.

  4. Sorry to say this Stupendium but I prefer the old one. But that is just a personal opinion. For me, the chorus just seems a bit off… Maybe a bit too synthesized but I'm not sure. but if this is the version you prefer, let this be the true version.

  5. I get that it is probably too late for this to be seen but I think remastering the son that was for Prey would be awesome

  6. Yeah Yeah im late, but its better to catch up now then never

    I listened to the original around the time it came out, and only really listened to it if my music shuffle picked it, so to give proper thoughts I listened back to it before watching this
    Everything is much better, the original was pretty good but you could tell that you were still trying to get a grasp on things
    In this you fully gripped it, and started choking it
    Love all the touches with sound effects, or the music cutting down to put emphasis on a lyric
    While the original was a "If it plays i'll listen" this is a "Im going to put this on often"
    Now back to catching up

  7. So I was listening to the Marshall Mathers LP today and heard a Burger King line that sounded ~familiar~. Impressive reference!

  8. Wait, wait, wait. I dont' even know how many times I've listened to this song, but I never noticed before.
    Is there an Eminem reference?

  9. hold up:
    "Any single person could be 47 lurking
    He could be working in burger king
    Strychnine in your onion rings"
    this is a reference to Eminem's Slim Shady:
    "In every single person is a slim shady lurking, he could be working at Burger king, spitting on your onion rings.
    You're darn clever. I listened so often to this song, but never realised. You're just an (evil) Genious :)

  10. The original has an eerie feeling to it more like a poem with background music, no less
    The remaster actually sounds like a song which while not necessarily bad it's just not my preference

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