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L.A Rush – All Cutscenes

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L.A Rush - All Cutscenes

Суперкар Saleen S7 – L.A. Rush (HD 1080p) прохождение #11 финал

Суперкар Saleen S7 - L.A. Rush (HD 1080p) прохождение #11 финал

Rush – La Villa Strangiato (Official Music Video)

Watch the official music video for \”La Villa Strangiato\” performed by Rush
Amazon: http://bit.ly/Rush2112SDE_Web
Music video by Rush performing La Villa Strangiato. (C) 2012 The Island Def Jam Music Group and Anthem Entertainment
Rush LaVillaStrangiato Remastered Vevo Rock GeddyLee OfficialMusicVideo

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Rush - La Villa Strangiato (Official Music Video)


It’s E… …but Russian.
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We have been doing this piano channel for a while, but I think we’ve finally peaked. It’s all downhill after this one lads.
E (x2)



Enter Trikz Lane, a renowned street racer in the L.A. underground scene, who had it all with a lavish lifestyle and a well known sizable reputation, owning a mansion in Beverly Hills and a large collection of cars. One night, he loses it by lightly bantering with a businessman mogul Lidell, who was having none of it. Out of spite, Lidell pulled some strings to make sure Trikz loses everything, including all his nice rides, except his Nissan 240sx that he couldn’t take seriously. Now Trikz is back into square one with his starter Nissan 240sx to prove why he deserves to be on the top.
Player notes: Much respect to Trikz for keeping the car that helped him get to top of the street racing world. Big love to Midway and Chicago but if this game has terrible physics, then my effort to finish this game will be very low. If there’s a silver lining, this game is accurate within the American car culture in the mid 2000s.
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Game: LA Rush
Console: PS2
Controller: DualShock 2
[5:36] Beverly Hills
[26:36] Beverly Hills Retribution
[33:12] Santa Monica
[47:43] Santa Monica Retribution
[58:40] South Central
[1:20:19] South Central Retribution
[1:38:29] South Bay
[1:59:32] South Bay Retribution
[2:29:26] Downtown
[2:50:10] Downtown Retribution
[3:20:57] Final Race
[3:21:20] Ending
[3:23:40] Credits and Review
L.A.Rush LARush westcoastcustoms

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