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How To Decorate Mid Century Modern | Web cung cấp những thông tin về lĩnh vực thiết bị nội thất.


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In this video I explain how you can decorate your home in the mid-century modern design style! I am giving you my tips on how to get a mid-century look for your home, I go through the benefits of mid-century modern design, who should not decorate in mid-century modern, and I give you my favorite mid-century modern retailers with pictures and links to some of my favourite mid century modern pieces!

This is part of my Interior Design Styles Series that you should check out! I go through an overview of different styles, how to combine different interior design styles, and I am now going through them individually.
Here are the others!
➤Interior Design Styles:
➤How To Combine Interior Design Styles:
➤How to Decorate Scandinavian:

⏱ Timestamps:
00:00 – How To Decorate Mid Century Modern
00:51 – What is Mid-Century Modern Design
02:54 – What are the Benefits of Mid-Century Modern Design
03:51 – Disadvantages of Mid-Century Modern
05:09 – Mid-Century Modern Design Tips
05:16 – Tip #1 – Use Simple Shapes
05:41 – Tip #2 – Use Geometric Patterns
06:30 – Tip#3 – Have Fun With Color
07:57 – Tip#4 – Use Sculptural Furniture
08:54 – Tip#5 – Use Man-Made Materials
09:47 – Tip#6 – Lots of Natural Light
10:22 – Where to Shop For Mid-Century Modern Furniture and Decor
10:27 – West Elm
11:15 – CB2
11:53 – Design Within Reach
12:27 – Society 6
13:08 – Etsy
13:37 – Thrift Sales, Estate Sales, Vintage Shops and Grandma’s Basement!

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How To Decorate Mid Century Modern
How To Decorate Mid Century Modern

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How To Decorate Mid Century Modern.

mid century.

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  1. Obsessed with 60s space age era. Please will you do a show on that era alon? It was so innovative and so ridiculously chromatic.

  2. I am so excited because I just bought a Walter Knoll (German father of the American Knoll furniture founder) Antimott series teak sofa/daybed from the 1960s! Now I just have to figure out what fabric to use to re-cover it because the original PURPLE covers are faded and also don't go with my decor;-)) Decisions, decisions… Here in Germany at least you can still find reasonably priced MCM furniture, German and Swedish as well as Danish, if you are patient and especially if you are willing to do a bit of restoration. I saw this same day bed from the same seller on 3 different websites and the price varied by almost €1000, depending on the audience, I guess.

  3. In the early 60s, my mother redecorated the house in one day while I was at school. I came home ready to fling myself in the overstuffed chintz covered chair I loved…and it was gone. In it's place was what I considered a fragile looking chair that I was hesitant about sitting in for fear it would collapse. Yes, my mom had bought all modern furniture. Most of the furniture she had before was hand me downs from her parents or grandparents, all comfy furniture, mostly covered in riotous flower prints. In the next couple of weeks, my yellow cabbage roses wallpaper was stripped and my room was painted lavender. The pale yellow kitchen was painted burnt orange. The living room , previously a cream color, became green . To the end of her life, my mom loved her mid-century look. Me? I have gone through phases…but never a mid-century modern one. Now that I am in my 60s, I go for comfort. And yes, I have an over stuffed chair to sit in and read. I guess you would call my style *comfy*.

  4. My favorite store for mid century modern is Herman Miller I love love them they are in Holland Michigan the biggest factory of mid century modern office snd home furniture

  5. This video is so helpful, thank you! I was searching 70’s furniture and kept on getting too many psychedelic pieces lol. One of my favourite mid – century houses is Richard Neutra (architect / designer)

  6. Shamefully I never knew what this style was called until about 5 yrs ago. It's so me,so clean and contemporary. Mid century never goes out of style.

  7. This was really helpful, Nick! Thank you. I am using mid-century modern for the first time and I'm redoing my dining room in it. I wanted to go more eclectic this time instead of having a real matchie matchie dining set. I found my table base on Amazon believe it or not and my four chairs on Wayfair. I'm definitely already thinking of new ideas for decorative items since I already have the furniture. I have not installed anything yet but I'm hoping it's going to look good when it's all done!

  8. I feel like if you're a minimalist as I am, but you really not want the sterile stereotypical minimalist white mid-century modern is the style for you. You can keep things simple, but interesting.

  9. Design Within Reach, contrary to its name, is prohibitively expensive. I'd suggest looking at Room and Board, in addition to West Elm. Also there are some people on Etsy making new pieces that are very similar to some of the "iconic" designs, like for example the Selig Z Chair. (I have not had the chance to sit in one, so I can't vouch for whether the dimensions the Etsy people use are actually comfortable to sit on.)

  10. Entertainment center mid century or should i do custom glossy builtins? Anyone? This is for my mcm basement we r redoing. Keeping cement floors

  11. In addition to Blu Dot, check out Room & Board. They have exclusive contracts with American craftsmen and have been in business for decades producing Mid-Century styled pieces. Not cheap, but exceptional quality.

  12. I am a mid century modern fan and I was looking for new ideas when I came across this video. As much as I like what I saw in the first few minutes of this video, I had to hit the mute button. How many times can Mr. Lewis use the word 'really'? It became so irritating (nails on a chalkboard irritating) that I continued watching in mute, which is unfortunate, because I'm sure Mr. Lewis has some brilliant things to say between the obsessive use of the word 'really'. I appreciate the design tips and I will offer a presenter's tip: watch and critique your presentations and ask for feedback before posting. Please know, I mean no insult. I only mean to provide valuable feedback.

  13. Omg!! Love u already , I'm eating my food while I'm watching your videos. I feel like I'm going to school. Love it ! Sometimes I even take notes. LOL

  14. Nick I recently found this channel and immediately loved it! Your tips and ideas are very practical. I recently moved into a new home, very spacious living room but it doesn’t have a fireplace. Can you maybe share some ideas how to create a focal point without a fireplace? I was thinking to make a fake fireplace shape (using some simple accent table and pictures), but don’t feel that’s attractive enough. Thanks!

  15. I have a mid century house (1961) and it has wood paneling on the walls in the dining room and kitchen. I'm afraid that if I paint it, which would definitely be a lot of work, it's going to look "country" or "farmhouse" and I despise both. I don't know what to do with it. It has a yellow/oak finish. Sigh. I still have the original kitchen and bathroom. The kitchen cabinets were in horrible shape so we painted them black, which was better. If I had the money, I'd replace them, but kitchens are expensive. Bathroom still has the pink tile and hour glass shaped sconces. It was a lot easier. The kitchen is killing me. :)

  16. I've got many pieces of furniture in this style, however with a twist as they are Polish 50s and 60s originals, those designs are really great and unmatched with what was available in other countries at that time because Poland was shut off which allowed to develop a unique style. If you look a little off the beaten path of Bauhaus / Le Corbusier / the Vitra Eames or Panton chairs, you can find real treasures. They're very versatile and go very well with traditional elements I add as this is my favourite style.
    I've got two Eames chairs and they're fine (in fact, I tweaked them into a more traditional look – it's possible) but I will change them for upholstered Louis chairs. My cousin has got cabinets from the 50s matched with transparent Kartell Louis Ghosts which also looks fab.

  17. Hi Nick. How can I find the geometric art print featured in the video on etsy? When I type mid century 20,000+ results showed.

  18. I got a (literally – vintage) mid century modern danish teak folding desk for free a year ago, when we were sent home to work so I needed a desk I could put in my living room. It is the most amazing thing ever, and looks very nice despite being a bit scratched from being stored in someone's basement for years. I wasn't sure how it would look in my otherwise modern grey/white/light teal living room, but oddly enough it fits. Have since drifted towards that style :)

    Added: looked up that desk online, they're for sale/auction quite regularly, but relatively expensive. I recommend knowing an older person who wants to get rid of stuff before selling their house lol

  19. I grew up in a 70s modern home with lots of these pieces, my parents even had some original knoll in there, and I have their Bertoia chairs in my kitchen, the almost 50 year old original ones!! I will take a good mid century modern house over farmhouse crap any day!!!

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