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The age-old question is asked: Who does it better? Moms or Dads? It’s time to settle the battle once and for all. A GameHouse Original Story (GHOS).

Chapter 1: The Parenting Challenge: 00:00:00
Chapter 2: Cleaning the Slate: 00:27:25
Chapter 3: Natural Selection: 00:50:36
Chapter 4: High-flying Rivalries: 01:14:52
Chapter 5: The Final Challenge: 01:39:24
Chapter 6: The Father of the Year: 02:01:15

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Delicious – Emily’s Moms vs Dads: Story (Subtitles)

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Delicious – Emily’s Moms vs Dads: Story (Subtitles).

nàng annie hall.

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  2. Even Emily and Patrick’s little fights are so cute. They’re one of my favorite couples, the writers in these games are brilliant. I laugh and yes even shed a little tear.

  3. i've already seen the stories for every game in the series with one except for part of miracle of life (quit that game because it was no longer fun not getting a 3 star in any level and too damn hard) and moms vs dads but it might be fun and go back and relive the older game stories.

  4. subtitles on a text based story game? you…are…a…god. but seriously that alone got you a new subscriber. there is almost never subtitles on a long based cinamatic video. text or spoken based.

  5. thanks for this upload. this is the only way i'm going to see the game since i refuse to buy their new games ever since they removed the difficulty setting and made the games as hard as hell and not fun IMHO.

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