Bonsai Therapy – playing a small part in changing a life | facebook note

Bonsai Therapy – playing a small part in changing a life

นอกจากการดูบทความนี้แล้ว คุณยังสามารถดูข้อมูลที่เป็นประโยชน์อื่นๆ อีกมากมายที่เราให้ไว้ที่นี่: ดูเพิ่มเติม

In this video we meet Claud Jackson of Nebari TV and hear about his journey towards bonsai from a life once lived with guns and drugs.
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Bonsai Therapy - playing a small part in changing a life

How to use Facebook Notes to reach more people (and grow your Facebook Page)

How to use Facebook Notes to reach more people (and grow your Facebook Page)
Have you ever stopped think about just how limited Facebook Posts are? You type up some text, add a video, link or link or picture and that’s it.
Ever heard of Notes?
NOTE: Notes is longer available on Facebook
Check out our Premium Facebook Cover Image PSD Templates:
I have created an updated video here:
Facebook Notes allow you to type up full articles and documents, you can add links, image, embeds and all sorts of media to get your message across with formatting options.
Why should you care? Because you can use it to reach more people and grow your business. Let’s take a look in the above video.
If you can’t watch the video, all you need to know to get started is:
Start a new post and press the Ellipsis “…” button
Clicking “Write Note”
From there it’s easy enough to type add in photos, embeds, etc. It’s fairly simple but a lot to explain here, I do recommend watching the above video or simply jumping in and having a go yourself.
It’s quite easy to use notes to your advantage. Since they show up in your Page’s fans’ feeds, you do have the opportunity to reach more people as Facebook is more likely to share it than a link of yours taking people off platform.
As I mentioned earlier, some of the benefits are:
More likely to reach your fans – as Facebook doesn’t like sending people off platform.
Much more formatting and longer more media rich posts
People can still share, comment and like a note like any post!
Write a full blog post
Maybe you don’t have a blog and want somewhere to write or do content marketing for free. Maybe you do have a blog but you want to offer some Facebook exclusive content.
Either way, you can use Facebook almost like a blog format by writing complete articles in your Facebook notes. They have a better chance of going viral on Facebook and reaching more people, just encourage people to like your page so you can convert readers into ‘likes’.
Summarize a blog post and link to it
So you just wrote up a cool, lengthy, lifechanging blog post. Nice!
Summarize, introduce and tease the information of that post in a Notes article on your Facebook page. Add the link to the pos ton your website and send people in that direction for more information.
This could be worth trying if you have trouble fitting the information you want into a normal post. Alternatively, you could write about a spinoff topic that leads ion perfectly to your new blog post.
Add a Notes tab to your page
Before you get too many notes up, it could be handy to give them somewhere people can go back to them, giving them more exposure.
Link to several topical posts on your website
Ever heard of Top Lists? They’re an awesome post type for generating traffic (more on that here).
Well, if you have several blog posts on a particular topic that would go well together, create a top list ‘Note’ on Facebook. Such as an article summarizing all of your top posts on weight loss (for example). So people get the chance to see what your best information is on a certain topic and explore what you have to offer across multiple posts.
This can be an excellent way to bring attention to older posts on your website!
Promote products, affiliate links \u0026 your email list
You’re an affiliate marketer or you offer your own product? Write a suitable ‘Note’ article on Facebook and share it – linking off to the product you’re trying to sell.
You can add in images and walk through/review videos to help make the sale and let it virally sell for you.
Don’t forget to do this with freebies too, especially if they must signup to your email newsletter to gain access. That can be a terrific way to grow your email list and promote those products later, after you’ve built the relationship
Add business information
You have an ‘about us’ page, why not create a note for Products \u0026 Services?
Maybe you have other information, so add that! If you are short a website this can serve as a nice temporary solution people so people can get the information they’re after..
If it’s a highly converting Facebook Note, a list of your products or services or an optin freebie you’re pushing in a note, you should consider getting that pinned to the top of your page.
That way people who see your Facebook page for the first time can get a solid introduction to who you are. You could even title it “Is this the first time on our Facebook page? Read this”.
We’re talking about information and media here, so whatever purpose you can think of for Facebook Notes can be incredibly handy and you have a few options to pushit out there – even advertising.
For more info:

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How to use Facebook Notes to reach more people (and grow your Facebook Page)

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How To Create a Facebook Note
1:02 The easiest shortcut to Facebook Notes
1:43 Create a new Facebook Note
2:09 Edit a Facebook Note
3:11 Putting a link in your text in your Facebook Note
3:52 Test your links in your Facebook Note
4:10 Add Facebook Notes to your tabs on your Facebook page
4:43 Where to find your Facebook Notes

How To Create a Facebook Note

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How To Find FB Notes ON Mobile
Answering a question from a viewer looking for Facebook Notes on Mobile.
If you want to know how to do it on desktop that video is here:

How To Find FB Notes ON Mobile

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