Avengers Endgame – How To Waste A Climax | avengers endgame full movie | Web cung cấp những bộ phim mới nhất

Dường như bạn đang muốn tìm hiểu chủ đề nói về avengers endgame full movie có phải không? Phải chăn bạn đang muốn xem thông tin về chủ đề Avengers Endgame – How To Waste A Climax đúng không? Nếu
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Avengers Endgame – How To Waste A Climax | avengers endgame full movie.

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Avengers Endgame - How To Waste A Climax
Avengers Endgame – How To Waste A Climax

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Avengers Endgame – How To Waste A Climax.

avengers endgame full movie.

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  2. Okay so there’s something I agree the movie by itself it isn’t that good. But that’s one of the biggest strengths of the MCU, continuity. Like you might say this fight has very little downs only ups and yes that’s true but don’t forget that 1 movie ago they lost 50% of the population so it makes sense and they were also split up during their fights in Infinity War. But in Endgame it’s the entire MCU here. Like in infinity war we only got more or less 10 hero’s vs Thanos and Wakanda including more or less 5 heros vs Thanos’s Army.

  3. TCL : There isn’t really a goal in the start of the fight of Endgame.
    That’s why it’s realistic, there’s not a chance where a surprise attack happens and the heroes just magically remember and know everything to do. But they know 1 thing and it’s to protect the gauntlet no matter what.

  4. After this very well executed build-up we see everyone run up at each other and….I was profoundly disappointed.
    What? How can u be disappointed at a scene like this? Maybe in like later watch through but still? (This is my opinion btw)

  5. The one thing I wish that the fight would have done, Was USE THE ACTUAL STONES, They have an all powerful weapon, or rather 6 all powerful weapons, and yet nobody every thinks it would be smart to use them

    Like having the stones being separated could have caused such a wonderful divide In loss and win

  6. thanks, i'm writing a story and this vidio helped me see a great potential in one of my battles that was supposed to be trigered after a rescue mission. but thanks to this vidio it will turn into a complex situation where the fighting interacts with the sneeking of the mai charecter.

  7. This made me go back and watch Endgame. And to be honest the scene is still amazing. Some of the suggestions for improvement actually were good. Some of them however, undermine that this overall is a character-driven story. A little bit more so than Lord of the Rings. Giving the characters their moments could actually be considered more necessary here

    I love the idea of rage filled Hulk, but would that undo the character development of how we got Smart Hulk? (honestly that story line was bad anyway and if done better would have made a raging Hulk scene perfect.)

    The "Diversity moment", I'll admit, it did strike me odd that coincidentally all the women happen to get together for that one scene. I am not among the many that honestly don't like that scene simply because it's highlighting women being awesome.

    I would not change the portal scene. The callback to "on your left", the arrival of reinforcements…perfect. Really my only gripe is that I wasn't sure who most of them were. Unless it was 80% Wakandans.

    That last bit said though, mayybe that was the point though. As he said, all of the fighters in the battle served more as scenery than actual characters. And maybe that was not only intentional but beneficial. Visually it raises the stakes to include more of the world (or rather the people in it). It makes it clear that this was Earth and Earth's Mightiest Heroes fighting for their final fate. Also, visually it was just chaotic and that added to the intensity. One could argue that much of the previous 20 movies served as the highs and lows of battle. This entire extended scene was a decade's worth of payoff. Now hindsight is usually 20/20. But even watching this scene again, thinking about what each individual character has been through, it really made this final battle one of the best payoffs in cinematic history. In my opinion, it was excellently done.

  8. Whenever it gets to the fight scene I catch lose my focus on the movie for a while because it loses my attention because all it is, is just my heroes punching! So, mostly I agree. And I think this is a problem in a lot of marvel films. One film that doesn't suffer from this is Iron Man 1 because every punch in the final fight has weight to it and purpose.

  9. It needed to have the tension that the battle of New York had, this movie overall should’ve been way darker, the heroes should’ve still been overwhelmed even with the sorcerers, wakandans, and the other armies. I believe the first avengers did a final battle in the best way, it had spectacle but they also started having a hard time, they weren’t able to take them on directly and win, should’ve been the same if not worse in this movie, would’ve made iron mans sacrifice make way more sense and have a lot more impact


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