2.4\” TFT LCD ILI9341 TOUCH DISPLAY | tft lcd


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This tutorial is a simple beginners guide on how to interface the 2.4\” TFT touch display with Arduino.
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2.4 inch SPI Display Panel TFT Module ILI9341 Drive LCD Module 240320 Screen Touch Panel Serial : https://amzn.to/32ID9NR
For Schematics and code visit the link: https://mytectutor.com/24ili9341tfttouchscreenwitharduino/
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ESP32 WiFi remote with TFT display is able to play GIFs | soldering \u0026 assembly | makermoekoe

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A simple and tiny remote based on the ESP32 Pico D4 with integrated WiFi and bluetooth. To visualize things I’ve added this tiny 160×80 pixels TFT display. Temperature, humidity and acceleration sensor are as well on board. Initially build to control things in my camper van, this thing can be used to control anything around the internet of things. And the best: It can play GIFs even my own ones!
You will find this project on my GitHub as well: https://github.com/makermoekoe/ESP32Picoremote

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ESP32 WiFi remote with TFT display is able to play GIFs | soldering \u0026 assembly | makermoekoe

GALIO 3 STAR ⭐⭐⭐ | TFT 5.5

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GALIO 3 STAR ⭐⭐⭐ | TFT 5.5

#Tutorial – Raspberry Pi TFT LCD Display (3.5 inch) – Getting Started

The perfect credit cardsized display for your credit cardsized computer. With this, monitoring applications running on Raspberry Pi becomes so easy!
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Touch Display: https://www.robocraze.com/35inchtouchdisplayforraspberrypi.html
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#Tutorial - Raspberry Pi TFT LCD Display (3.5 inch) - Getting Started

Top 10 Arduino projects all the time । Amazing Arduino school projects genius youtuber

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05 Solar traker
04 Wireless Controlled Artificial Hand
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02 Arduino Rubik cube solver
01 Chess Bot
Bonus Arduino Radar
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Top 10 Arduino projects all the time । Amazing Arduino school projects genius youtuber

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